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The Harm Free Zone

 The Harm Free Zone Project emphasizes independent and self directing community autonomy as a necessary step towards creating true accountability for our communities, that reduces our reliance on law enforcement. The project provides tools and trainings to both strengthen and develop our capacity to confront and transform harm. We believe that genuine security derives from strong relationships between community members, an understanding of power and inequity inside and outside our communities, and spaces for dialogue and growth. We support a vision of justice that comes from within the community without the need for law enforcement, the court system, or the prison industry.

 The Harm Free Zone is guided by the following understanding:

  1.  To have a fully developed individual, a healthy and sustainable community is necessary.
  2. There are fundamental inequities and a breadth of dynamics that are unique to the South.

  3. Intersections exist between cultural and structural inequality

The goal of the Harm Free Zone Project include:

  • reducing community reliance on law enforcement.

  • fostering intergenerational reciprocity within our communities.

  • facilitating community-driven strategies and methods to prevent or intervene in incidents of interpersonal conflict and state violence.

  • uncovering and documenting intervention practices that already occur within distinct communities.

  • pushing for community driven policies centered around our community’s health, safety and sustainability.

While our focus is within marginalized and oppressed communities, we believe that the model we are proposing accommodates multiple  communities and provides a base for citywide campaigns.

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