We believe that is is vital for all of us to develop a common language and understanding of poverty, mass criminalization, systemic racism and their impact on Durham residents. This shared understanding is necessary if we, are to address the harms and disparate outcomes that Black families are experiencing. Viewing these films and reading these books together has proven to be a powerful foundation for building a common language of understanding that will help us create a Durham that is accountable to us all.


SpiritHouse has, partnered with The Center for Documentary studies, to host a bi-monthly Documentary and Discussion Series.


The House I Live In

Race The Power of an Illusion

Gaining Ground

American Denial

Occupy The Imagination

Wounded Places


From February/April & August/October, SpiritHouse is partnering with a diverse group of churches, community organizations and neighborhood groups to host a bi-annual City-wide Book Study.


The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander

Urban Alchemy – Mindy Fullilove

Preview of “City wide discussion” 1

The Harm Free Zone


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A Prayer for Our Sons SCSJ
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