Black August 575

"August is a month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice and divine justice; of repression and righteous rebellion; of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us....The spirit of Black August moves through centuries of Black, Indian and multi-cultural resistance. It is an emblem of the spirit of freedom.”

- Mumia Abu Jamal."

On August 1st 2007 SpiritHouse Inc began commemorating the month of Black August, and the legacy of Black Freedom Fighters, in solidarity with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated loved ones and comrade across the globe, through a daily practice of haiku poetry writing.  For more than ten years we have received daily, weekly or one time Black August Haikus via email, snail mail and social media

In 2018 we  expanded our daily healing practices by adding 
10 minute meditations, and one minute mantra chants inspired by text from “M Archive After The End Of The World” By SpiritHouse tribe member Alexis Pauline Gumbs
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 How to write a Haiku


A haiku is a 3 line, 17 syllable poem;

5 syllables (1st line), 7 syllables (2nd line), 5 syllables (3rd line) 

"birthing pains give way,
to long awaited release,
her name is freedom" -
By Rachael Derello