Our Mission

SpiritHouse uses culture, art and media to support the empowerment and transformation of communities most impacted by poverty, racism, gender inequity, criminalization and mass incarceration; through grassroots programs, cultural organizing and community collaborations.   

What We Believe

We believe that we have everything we need to manifest our liberation.

We hold each member of our community as valuable. No one is ever thrown away.

We believe in the strength and ingenuity of the Black family, in all its configurations.

We believes that grassroots leadership is directly and organically linked to community.

We prioritize the leadership of people most impacted by systemic racism and oppression.

We value intergenerational leadership that recognizes the genius of Black youth and the lived experience and wisdom of our elders.

We believe that it is essential to take care of our communities as we take of ourselves.

We believe in internal and external participatory governance and democratic decision making.

We believe and prioritize our need and our ability to give and receive deep transformative, collective healing that is rooted in resilience, cultural practices and historical analysis. 

We remain connected to our past, present and future through-lines. We are healing ancestral traumas and fighting for unborn futures by manifesting our liberation now.