Participatory Defense

 Durham, NC 

“Transforming the Courts Through Family and Community Organizing.”

- Silicon Valley Debug

SpiritHouse Inc is partnering with Silicon Valley Debug to bring Participatory Defense to North Carolina.

Participatory Defense is:

“A community organizing model for people facing charges, their families, and their communities to impact the outcome of cases and transform the landscape of power in the court system.” -  Raj Jayadev

In Durham Participatory Defense is used as a tool of The Harm Free Zone Movement, with the understanding that we have everything we need to transform both state and interpersonal harms. Our Participatory Defense Coordinators  have been trained through SpiritHouse's  Harm Free Zone Transformative Justice Training and now work closely, with families, to organize and navigate through state systems.

We are working with local community members facing charges to both reduce sentences and dismiss charges.

The First 24 for Durham County 

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