Culture - Practice - Ritual (CPR)

“...the liberation struggle is, above all, a struggle both for the preservation and survival of the cultural values of the people and for the harmonization and development of these values within a national framework.” - Amilcar Cabral



The roadmap to our liberation lives in our bones.

We commit to identifying, recovering remastering and rerooting cultural practices that have been/ will be the catalyst for our cultural, social and political transformation.    


Conventional wisdom says that it takes between 3000 - 5000 repetitions to commit anything to muscle memory. This is also known as embodiment. We ask the questions: What are you practicing? What have you embodied?

We commit to unlearning unhealthy practices that have harmed us.

We commit to embodying practices that support our liberation.




We honor the struggle of our ancestors and the freedom fighters who came before us, remembering that none of us got here on our own. We use the act of ritual to bring meaning and sacredness to our journey.

We commit to our past, present and future through-lines.