Transformative Justice Training

“We believes that grassroots leadership is directly and organically linked to community. We prioritize the leadership of people most impacted by systemic racism and oppression.”

The Harm Free Zone Transformative Justice Training is designed to foster grassroots leadership in the Durham community. Over the course of 12 weeks we work with a diverse group of local community members, artists, business owners, cultural workers, neighborhood leaders, and formerly incarcerated people to uncover culturally responsive practices that encourage equity and accountability. 

Our popular education curriculum infuses art, culture, local and world history into weekly incubation labs where participants collectively develop tools and strategies that strengthen our individual and collective capacities to confront and transform harm.


"HFZ asks penetrating questions that gets folks thinking differently and on a much deeper level. It's a necessary experience for healthy community building.” - 2015 HFZ Participant

“It [HFZ] becomes a platform/ foundation for a person who wants to engage community in a genuine manner that holds accountability at his/her core.” - 2015 HFZ Participant


“I would love to utilize HFZ in our business and in our neighborhoods to help create tighter knit communities in which we are all thinking about the well-being of everyone in our neighborhood to the fullest and deepest meaning of that sense.” - 2015 HFZ Participant