The Harm Free Zone (HFZ) supports a community-centered vision that helps us repair the damage of racism, and the oppression of poor people of color by providing tools and trainings to both strengthen and develop our capacity to confront and transform harm. The Harm Free Zone emphasizes independent and self directing community autonomy as a necessary step towards creating shared collective accountability strategies and practice.

The goals of the Harm Free Zone include:

  • Uncovering and restoring intervention practices, exsiting within distinct communities, to prevent or intervene in incidents of interpersonal conflict and state violence.

  • Fostering intergenerational reciprocity within our communities.

  • Creating community driven practices and policies that center the health, safety, and sustainability of our most vulnerable people.

  • Increasing civic participation of disenfranchised, community members directly impacted by poverty, mass criminalization, and the war on drugs.
  • Reducing and eventually eliminating community reliance on law enforcement